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The Best Crystals for Home Protection

Posted by Melanie McLachlan on
The Best Crystals for Home Protection

In our chaotic, anxiety-producing world, the home provides a retreat to recharge your batteries, get a decent night's sleep and switch off from the outside.

Here at The Sanctuary BNE we help you honour the home, and celebrate the vital role it plays in our lives. So which crystals are best for harnessing protection, manifestation and comfort in our homes. 

SeleniteInstils peace & is excellent for meditation. Clears confusion & aids in seeing the deeper picture.

AmethystA powerful and protective stone. Calms and stimulates the mind, helping you become more focused, enhancing memory and improving motivation.

Black TourmalineGrounding energy and increases vitality. Clearing negative thoughts promoting a laid back attitude.

Rose QuartzAids peacefulness and calm in relationships. Brings inner peace. Love and self-acceptance healer.


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