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Australian Chrysocolla | Faceted Raw Chunk

$80.00 $93.00

Chrysocolla | Faceted Raw Chunk

Weight - 691g | 15x10x3cm

This Chrysocolla Faceted Raw Chunk is faceted on one side giving you the option to display it on either side.

Chrysocolla calms, cleanses and re-energises all the chakras.  It draws out guilt, heals heartache and increases the capacity to love.  Improves communication and opens psychic vision.  Encourages self-awareness and inner balance. 

Imparts confidence and sensitivity.  Chrysocolla enhances personal power and inspires creativity.  Overcomes phobias by drawing out negativity and supplying motivation.  Reduces mental tension.  Promotes truth-telling and impartiality.  Alleviates guilt and brings in joy.