Amethyst Cluster - Ship

The Sanctuary

Amethyst Cluster - Ship

Weight - 913g

29x7x5cm (at its widest points)

Free Postage to any address in Australia.

This unique "Ship" shaped Amethyst Cluster is a real beauty ready to set sail into your life ;)

Amethyst helps us to unplug from the busy and device driven world in which we live, encourages mediation, peace, and calm.

Remove unhealthy attachments to people and things, hold Amethyst before going to sleep at night to ward off insomnia and place in the bedroom to induce transcendence into a spiritual space. Amethyst resonates with the Crown Chakra and Third Eye- Your Crown Chakra may be compared to a spiritual knowing antenna.

It sends and receives energetic information relating specifically to spiritual values and your connection with the nonphysical form, the unknown or with universal ‘energy’.