Chrysoprase - Polished Rough

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Chrysoprase - Polished Rough, Marlborough,Australia, weight 3g | 2x1cm approx.

♥ Spiritual protection ♥ Communication ♥ Balance ♥ Hope

This is for 1-piece of rough Chrysoprase, you get the exact piece shown. You can wrap it, polish it, set it, drill it, bead around it, use it in your art and much much more.  

Chrysoprase- is a bright green to yellow variety of chalcedony quartz containing traces of nickel. it comes primarily from Marlborough Australia, and is often found with brown, iron-rich mind.

Green- Better grades of this quality are revered as if they were a fine, imperial jade.

Lemon- Both the yellow and lime green varieties are called lemon chrysoprase.