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Clear Quartz Sphere

$44.00 $49.00

Clear Quartz Sphere

Weight - 146g, 4.5cm.

Free sphere stand.

This beautiful spherical crystal is perfect for bringing balance and harmony into your home. With stunning inclusions scattered throughout, this sphere is rich in mini rainbows and speckled texture. Like ice frozen in time, the light bounces off its smooth, polished surface. This is the perfect crystal ball to generate refreshing, positive energy into your life.

Crystal Sphere’s are perfect for styling within the home and for using for spiritual purposes. For Feng Shui, place sphere in a sacred place to generate calming and harmonious energy. You can also easily use clear quartz sphere’s in meditation and in reflexology massages, hold it in your palm for clarity of thought or roll it around the hands or body to massage. 

CHAKRAS: Crown Chakra