Pink Angel Aura Quartz Clusters - Small

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A gemstone that aids the release of emotional frustrations, pink angel aura quartz connects with your heart chakra. It increases your blood circulation and makes you active. Pink angel aura also brings beauty and fame where it is kept. Use it for healing old wounds and attracting new opportunities into your life.

Weight 55g - 5x4cm approx

✧ Creativity ✧ Communication ✧ Cleanses chakras ✧ Amplifies energy ✧
✧ Healing thoughts ✧ Passion ✧ Insight ✧ Harmony ✧ Creativity ✧ 
✧ Channeling ✧ Chakra Alignment ✧ Psychic Abilities ✧ Introspection ✧
✧ Dreams ✧ Clairvoyance ✧ Mysticism ✧ Joy ✧ Meditation ✧

You will receive a piece similar to the ones pictured.