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Crystal Collector's Kit for Beginners


Crystal Collector's Kit for Beginners

This Crystal Collector's Kit for Beginners includes:

Amethyst Cluster | Clear Quartz Point | Rose Quartz Tumble | Citrine Tumble | Green Calcite Chunk

AMETHYST - A powerful and protective stone. Calms and stimulates the mind, helping you become more focused, enhancing memory and improving motivation.

CLEAR QUARTZ - Protects against negativity, connecting to your higher self.

ROSE QUARTZ - Aids peacefulness and calm in relationships.Brings inner peace. Love and self-acceptance healer.

CITRINE -Energises every level of life. It cleanses the chakras & opens the intuition. Attracts wealth, prosperity & success. Raises self-esteem and self-confidence.

GREEN CALCITE - Calcite connects the emotions with the intellect. It is an excellent stone when studying the arts and sciences. It calms the mind, teaches discernment, stimulates insights, and boosts memory.