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Fire & Ice / Crackle Quartz.

Fire & Ice / Crackle Quartz


You will receive one of the pieces pictured.

Average Weight - 110g

Average Dimensions - 5cm tall x 4cm at the base.

Free Postage to any address in Australia on orders over $40.

This Clear Quartz point is amazing to look at and great for meditations, crystal grids or to improve the energy in any room.

The Fire & Ice / Crackle Quartz crystal is best placed in a bright room. One with plenty of sunlight so whoever picks it up can catch some beautiful reflections to see some amazing rainbows colours within.

What is brilliant about this stone is all the natural lines within. This is what
Fire & Ice is the name given to a form of clear Quartz, silicon dioxide, from Brazil and is also known as Rainbow Quartz.