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Kids Crystal Kit


Kids Crystal Kit

Your Kids Crystal Kit includes:

Rose Quartz Rough | Carnelian Tumble | Hematite Tumble | Green Aventurine Tumble

Rose Quartz - A beautiful pink crystal with a very gentle and loving energy. This gentle energy helps kids learn unconditional love, forgiveness, and compassion.

Carnelian - From the Agate family and ranges in colour from orange to deep dark red. Carnelian allows kids to enhance their concentration and self belief. It's warm and joyous energy attunes with the inner self helping to open the heart. It is excellent for stimulating creativity.

Hematite - Helps emit a grounding energy that offers feelings of protection. It can serve to calm children down and prepare them for class. It provides a balanced energy that promotes feelings of strength and courage while being calming at the same time.

Green Aventurine - Helps kids promote a positive, easy going attitude towards life. It brings joy, happiness and emotional tranquility and promotes health and well being. Aventurine promotes compassion and empathy, calming our anger. It stimulates our mind, creativity, motivation and independence.