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Purple Polished Dyed Ocos Agate Geode | Medium

Purple Polished Dyed Ocos Agate Geode | Medium


Purple Polished Dyed Ocos Agate Geode

Weight 30g approx.

Polished Ocos Mineral Rocks make a great gift for children and adults alike.

What exactly is an Oco? Ocos are actually tiny geodes. They are round rocks with crystals inside that are formed when fluids seep into the rocks cavities and crystallize. These ocos have been opened and polished to show their true beauty. Kids will be fascinated by these colorful Ocos with their crystal filled centers. They make excellent show and tell items! These tiny geodes can also serve as elegant decorations for a science teacher’s room or geologist office. Assorted colored Ocos Mineral Rocks are magnificent pieces sure to be enjoyed by all.

 You will receive a piece similar to the ones pictured in the photograph.