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10 Nostalgic Kiwi Gifts to Bring Back Memories

Posted by Melanie Young on

Growing up in New Zealand, there are certain things that hold a special place in our hearts and bring back memories of our childhood. From classic candies to popular toys, here are 10 nostalgic Kiwi...

Where to Buy Authentic Greenstone Necklaces in Australia

Posted by Melanie Young on

Discover the best places to purchase genuine greenstone necklaces in Australia, perfect for New Zealanders looking for a piece of home. History and Significance of Greenstone Greenstone, also known as pounamu, holds great cultural and...

Mel's Top 5 Picks

Posted by Melanie Young on

WHAT'S HOT RIGHT NOW AT THE SANCTUARY BNE?..... Discover some of my favorite items that have been super popular with our customers right now........ #1 Heartwood Toki These handmade Heartwood Pendants are made from timber...

The Best Gifts for a New Zealander

Posted by Melanie McLachlan on

Looking for that perfect gift for your Kiwi friend? We got you! At the The Sanctuary BNE we specialise in unique gifts from New Zealand and beyond plus we offer free shipping within Australia on...

5 New Zealand Greenstone Necklaces & Their Meanings

Posted by Melanie McLachlan on

New Zealand Greenstone also known as Pounamu is considered a precious and powerful stone by Māori people. It is often carved into a pendant or necklace which carries special meaning for its wearer, especially for...