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Dream Catchers - Up to 50% OFF

Posted by Melanie McLachlan on
Dream Catchers - Up to 50% OFF

You've probably seen dream catchers in a gift shop, in magazines or on television. But do you really know where they come from and what they are used for? Also called nets or dream traps, they were invented and widely used by the Ojibwe tribe. The territories of this tribe stretched from Canadian to North American regions. The development of the tribe through intermarriage and exchanges, in particular, allowed the diffusion of this object. A few years later, another tribe, Lakota, also began to use dream catchers.

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 Dream catchers have an interesting history, also a meaningful legend and there is no reason not to have an authentic one.

Nowadays even people who don’t believe in talismans have one at home, dream catchers turn into a great decor item and also protects spaces from negative energies.


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