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Mel's Top 5 Picks

Posted by Melanie Young on
Mel's Top 5 Picks


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Discover some of my favorite items that have been super popular with our customers right now........

#1 Heartwood Toki

These handmade Heartwood Pendants are made from timber rescued after the Canterbury earthquake demolition

heratwood toki

#2 Kama Oil

One of our Best Sellers - Bring back nostalgic kiwi memories with the original Kama Oil! Grab a bottle for you and a friend today.
kama perfume oil

#3 Polished Labradorite

We picked up some really beautiful flashy labradorite pieces from our last crystal buy up - If you like me that flash gets you every time!

polished labradorite

#4 NZ Greenstone Heart - 30mm

These affordable Greenstone hearts are the perfect gift for a loved one - made from Hokitika Pounamu.

new zealand greenstone 40mm heart

#5 Full Moon Kits

When the moon is FULL, it is considered the highest time for manifesting goals, nurturing your passions, healing, encouraging strength and power, love, knowledge and dreams.
I'm such a "Look at the Moon" person!! Your you?

full moon crystal and cleanse kit


shop mels top picks at The Sanctuary BNE today

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