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The Best Dream Catchers for Gift Giving

Posted by Melanie McLachlan on
The Best Dream Catchers for Gift Giving


It is believed that the Dreamcatcher originates from the Native American Ojibwe tribe & was hung on cradles as a form of protection. According to Ojibwe legend, Asibikaashi (Spider Woman) took care of the children & the land. However, as the Ojibwe Nation spread to the ends of the earth, it became more difficult for her to reach all the children, so she tasked the women of the tribes to weave webs using sinew & willow to hang on infants' cradles to protect them from any harm that may be in the air. 

Not only do dream catchers hold spiritual significance they make a great gift for many occasions, check out our top 5 best selling dream catchers at the Sanctuary, all now up to 50% off.

 1. Tree of Life Dream Catcher

This Tree of Life Dream Catcher features high quality cream toned material, natural coloured beads and white feathers.

It is a beautiful Dream Catcher and would make the perfect gift for a loved one or even yourself :) 

  • Round Catcher - 17cm diameter
  • Top of the catcher to bottom feathers - 48cm Length

2.Striped Feather Dream Catcher

Striped Feather & Stick Dream Catcher.

This Dream Catcher features beautiful striped feathers with a half catcher net and a light weight but sturdy stick across the middle.

  • Round Catcher - 32cm Diameter 
  • Top of the catcher to bottom of the feathers - 60cm Length

Free Postage to any address in Australia on orders over $100.


3. Painter Gold & Turquoise Dream Catcher

This stunning White Dream Catcher features Turquoise & Gold Painted Feathers would make a great feature piece in any space. 

  • Round Catcher - 30cm Diameter 
  • Top of the Catcher to bottom of the feathers - 101cm long

This beauty wont last long, limited stock available.


4. Owl Dream Catcher

This gorgeous Owl Dream Catcher made from high quality cream tone materials and macrame tail is the perfect addition to an owl lovers collection or makes a great gift for any occasion. 

  • Round Catcher/ Body - 16cm diameter
  • Top of the Owl to bottom of the tail - 60cm long

5. Silver Bead Dream Catcher

Weather you are looking for a gift for a new born baby or your bff Dream Catchers from The Sanctuary are the go. We also have Free Shipping on all over $100 within Australia, so why not add one to your cart today.


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