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Mexican Flower Obsidian | Pocket Palmstone


Mexican Flower Obsidian | Packet Palmstone

Approx. Size: 3.5x3x0.5cm, 15g

You will receive one of the pieces pictured.

Obisidion is a strongly protective stone, Which is capable of shielding its wearer from all sorts of negative energies. It will block any incoming psychic attacks and will remove any  negative spiritual influences. It is the  perfect companion for all the sensitive souls out there. It will teach you  how to let go of the stress and anxiety that you tend to face on a regular basis, and Will  make sure that You  stay calm and grounded during even the most turbulent of times.

Obisidion creates a shield around your aura. It will  keep you powerfully grounded to Mother Earth, Black Obsidian creates a safe space for us to work through emotional issues or strengthen our psyche. With a direct connection to earth, We can rid ourselves of destructive or excess energies by focusing that energy down into the earth where it can be absorbed and neutralized.