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New Zealand Greenstone Koropepe Necklace 35mm


This Genuine NZ Greenstone Koropepe Koru Necklace combines two traditional Maori designs.

The necklace combines a Koropepe and a Koru.  

The Koropepe is a mythical being in the shape of an eel, an important food source for pre-European Maori. The design has a spiritual meaning, one of guardianship and warding off evil.

The Koru, the curling part of this carving, represents an unfurling new fern shoot, and signifies peace, tranquility, new beginnings and positive change.

Together they form a strong spiritual force for good.

The pendant comes to you on a long traditional waxed adjustable cord, information card and gift pouch.

A wonderful gift for friends or between family members. A spiritual keepsake.

This piece of Greenstone is from the Hokitika in New Zealand.

You will receive a piece similar to the one pictured.

Customer Reviews

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Michael DeJonghe

A magnificent koropepe at a very fair price i might add, fast shipping equals great people to do business with!