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Opalised Petrified Wood Polished Slice


Opalised wood polished slice, weight 103g | 14x6x0.5cm approx.

No actual opal or colour flash.

The common opal** coats the petrified wood in streaks of golden yellow, orange and beige to gray, giving a lovely contrast of earth-tone colors. The wood is dark brown to black on the polished face, with lots of swirls of agate "lace" giving it a strong polish.

This wood opal is a perfect gift for nature lovers and rock lovers. Many people like to use Petrified Wood to help connect with the energies of the Earth. These Petrified Wood Pieces are a great way for city dwellers to keep the vibrations of nature near in the concrete jungle. Add some natural beauty to your nightstand or work space. It can be used for a paperweight or a natural curio on the shelf, or as nice addition to a rock collection.

This piece has a lacquered finish.